Personality Assessment

Realizing the importance of analyzing personality patterns in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of communication at the internal level of the individual in his understanding of himself and the level of external communication in his understanding of those around him, Dr.Maged presents this training package, which aims to be a real addition to training programs that meet your training needs and help you achieve the desired progress in your life.

These courses are:

  • Enneagram Personality Test

    The theory of Enneagram is one of the strongest theories that explain and analyze human behavior, a system that divides humans into nine models and studies each of them separately to understand their internal behaviors and motives, to know who you are and what you want.
    This course will show you the theory of Enneagram, the three central forces of each style, the motto of each personal style, the values of each personal style and its words used, the nature of your relationship with those around you, the qualities of the personality style in childhood, personality style qualities as a parent or personality style in the profession.

  • DISC test for leaders and individuals

    DISC is a personality and behavior test that revolves around four types of personal interactions that are now known as the dominant, influential, stable, and ideal. This test identifies strengths, development areas, and improvements in an individual's personality and behavior.
    This course aims to measure an individual's original behavior without effort or cost through the DISC test, avoiding evaluating the effects of the surrounding environment for better results. This means that the results show the nature of an individual's real behavior rather than the behavior they prefer to be in the current situation. It, therefore, identifies the original strengths and on the basis of which it proposes development areas for an individual's performance and behavior.

  • MBTI test for leaders and individuals

    The MBTI helps individuals understand and develop themselves professionally and improve ways of communicating with their family members, friends, and co-workers while helping organizations manage conflict between their members, develop their leadership, and build their teams more efficiently.
    This training course will introduce you to the MBTI assessment test, the concept of MBTI-style personality analysis, the 16 personality types, the skills related to each of the MBTI-style personality analysis, and refine their skills in the field of effective communication and the development of personal styles in that field.

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