Coaching Courses

If you want to improve your performance and achievement in life in general, raise your self-awareness, know the specialty, job and the proper role for you in life, increase your discipline, self-responsibility and level of motivation, work to bridge the gap between your current level of performance and the required level of performance and productivity, achieve desired results,and learn how to manage yourself and others effectively.

Dr. Maged helps you achieve all this and more through the following training courses:

  • ACC coaching ICF

    Coaching has become one of the most expanding fields in recent times. It is a path to positive change in individuals and society. Therefore, the demand for it is increasing and it is necessary to distinguish yourself as a coach from others. One of the steps you can take towards excellence and professionalism is to be a coach accredited by the largest international organization, the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
    This course gives you the opportunity to learn and develop as a certified coach who practices his profession efficiently and professionally and ensures that you gain knowledge and experience to become a professional coach with high and international standards, which contributes to improving the performance of the practice of coaching and thus flourishing the career path.

  • Institutional coaching

    This course includes introducing the concept of institutional coaching and the tools and basics of coaching within the ICF methodology, as well as promoting and emphasizing coaching in institutions and life in general as an institutional approach that aims at achieving happiness for presidents and subordinates.
    It aims to enable participants to master the basic coaching skills of organizations professionally, create a happy and positive working environment and spread a culture of happiness and positivity through effective communication in institutions, and create more attractive, motivating and effective methods and tools in dealing with employees to develop their performance and productivity away from traditional methods.

  • Professional coaching

    Career Coach's role is to help the individual at the career level in terms of helping him determine what he wants, what he needs in his career, and then supporting him to make the necessary decisions, procedures and practical steps to reach his professional goals in balance with other aspects of his life.
    This course aims to self-improve by identifying problems and challenges, applying solutions and reviewing results, as well as helping to create and take action towards achieving goals, self-reliance and satisfaction in personal and practical life.

  • Coaching for leaders

    There is a relationship between coaching and leadership. As is customary, leadership tends to take care of people, relationships, the future, change and future aspirations of an organization or team, unlike management that focuses its efforts on processes, things and systems, present and future.
    This course aims to enable leaders to transform institutional challenges and problems into participatory learning opportunities to benefit from them in the future, increasing opportunities for group learning in the work environment, as well as facilitating change through the use of different principles, qualities, skills and models of coaching.

  • School coaching

    The school coaching accompanies students towards excellence, achievement, discovery and recruitment of abilities to overcome challenges, as well as in the best choice towards university disciplines, academic track and jobs available according to their abilities and preparations.
    This course aims to free up their creative energy, develop problem-solving skills and try to take into account other aspects of a person's life, to strike a balance and to enable them to make the right decision about their future career choices, as the career is one of the most important steps taken by the individual because it is the first building block on which the type of work is based, the working environment and others.

  • Parents coaching

    This course highlights the importance of using coaching by parents and how competencies and the philosophy of coaching are linked to education and will review some of the effective tools in family coaching.
    It aims to qualify parents scientifically and psychologically to develop their skills and abilities to work to raise their children properly and to help their children act positively and improve relations between them and children scientifically.

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